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Race Across the Curriculum: Selected Readings

About this Guide

"Critical Race Theory or Race and the Law specialty courses are only taken by a few students, which gives students the impression that race issues are not relevant to other 'mainstream' courses. What about the rest of the curriculum? Does Critical Race Theory have anything to say with respect to those courses? Are the vast majority of students who do not enroll in those specialty 'race' courses missing anything? According to the evidence presented at trial in Grutter, the answer is yes. They are missing the opportunity to learn how to think critically. They are missing the opportunity to be better prepared for the workforce. They are missing the opportunity to have their racial stereotypes challenged."  Dorothy A. Brown, Taking Grutter Seriously: Getting beyond the Numbers, 43 Hous. L. Rev. 1 (2006). 

Given the present moment in American life, conversations about race and racial justice are as important as ever. This is particularly true in the law school classroom, where the minds of future lawyers, judges, and lawmakers are shaped. Accordingly, this guide is an attempt to collect Critical Race Theory (CRT) scholarship that corresponds with the major subjects of the law school curriculum. The articles and books found in this guide have been selected to provide readers with a basic understanding of how Critical Race Theorists approach the areas of law they are studying and teaching. Because the purpose of this guide is merely to provide an introduction to the CRT lens, it is by no means exhaustive. 

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